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We are professionals with many years of expertise in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience. When we founded chatinstead we wanted to create something that would transform the way people communicate.

We believe that every business has to engage in real time with its customers. We believe in people that’s why we have real humans answering to every chat. We are passionate and we love helping companies grow.

Our mission is to help your business deliver exceptional customer service that generates more purchasers; boosts your company profile and converts more enquiries into leads. All through a personalized online live chat service.



We are not bots.

Real people engage with your website visitors. We are not using auto replies and ready-made answers.

Your visitors interact with real people who are trained to answer as if it was you. No need to hire staff, no days off, no trainings, no sick leave days or overtimes.

Our team of experts will provide everything you need at the fraction of the cost.



Online competition between businesses has become fierce.

Thousands of websites are launching every day with the similar goals, to attract visitors, offer them the best customer experience and maximize sales. The problem with most websites is that no one is there to welcome their visitors.

We are there when your clients visit your website. We welcome them, gather leads and instantly send you all relevant information. We boost your sales conversion from day one.





Our team helps you to get onboard, installs our chat software plugin on your website and moving you to the next step.



We study your website, interview you to learn about your products, services and business culture, agree on chat style (formal or casual) and then create scripts and FAQs.



Our chat agents, will do a thorough training based on the Knowledge Library. They study everything about your website, products and services and they get ready for action.



We are ready to welcome your visitors, getting you sales leads and other requests while you run your business!



01 - Absolutely Risk Free

We never charge you with overpriced packages. We offer a free trial and only if you are satisfied we proceed with the contract.

02 - 362 Days Service

We are always here to serve your customers no matter if it’s a holiday or the weekend. You can feel 100% safe knowing that your customers are being taken care off even when you are unavailable.

03 - Multilingual Chat Agents (English, Greek)

Our trained chat agents are able to speak fluently in English and Greek. No matter what language your customers prefer we are here to help and improve your customer relations.

04 - Response Time Guaranteed

We guarantee an average response time of up to 45 seconds with our live chat service. If not, we will refund you!

05 - Money Back Guarantee

You can try our service for 30 days for free and if you are not 100% satisfied then we will not charge you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

06 - Account Manager

You will get a friendly dedicated account manager for one point correspondence. Whatever questions, concerns & inquiries you may have will be answered swiftly between any times Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm.

07 - Free Setup & Free Software

Unlike other service providers who charge enormous setup fees or extra hidden software costs, our company ensures that you will only pay the agreed upon monthly fee. No hidden costs or extra charges – guaranteed!

08 - Instant Lead Notification

We provide you with real-time lead notifications via email to supercharge your sales conversions and help you with your follow up sequence. Never miss a potential buyer ever again!

09 - Mobile App (iOS/Android) Support

For all businesses that have mobile apps, you can upgrade to our in-app live chat support for no extra fee. Easy installation of a widget within your app and we are ready to chat with your mobile app users!

10 - Customizable Branding

It’s important to consider your branding and website colors while having the chat feature up. That’s why we customize your chat widget to look consistent with your company colors, making it seem that your live chat comes from your personal customer support team.

11 - Local Office

Our people live in the area. That’s why we can offer a truly personal and caring local service. We never outsource to third-party vendors.

12 - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your customer satisfaction and if you are not 100% satisfied with our service let us know and we will not charge you for that live chat conversation.

13 - Professional Chat Agents

All our agents receive extensive training when they start their work. This is a professional training that covers all possible aspects of working as a live chat agent so that we can always over deliver on our promises and serve your customers!

14 - Quality Assurance Team

We have a dedicated quality & assurance team to keep a close tab on the quality of each & every chat.

15 - Free Specialist Advice

We offer all new clients a chance to have an in-depth discussion with our live chat experts for free no matter how long it takes.

16 - 99% Uptime

Committed uptime of more than 99% guaranteed for all clients which means that we are always able to serve your customers no matter the day or time.

17 - Direct Chat Support

When you interact with customers through newsletters or social media posts, make sure it’s a two-way relationship. You can be accessible by sharing a direct link to your chat.

18 - Unlimited Chats

No matter how many enquires you have via live chat; our chat agents will always handle each and every one with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

19 - Monthly Reporting

We provide you with monthly free reports on your business’s live chat interactions, stats on our performance & much more. You will always have a full breakdown on how our service is improving your business and serving your customers.

20 - Free FAQ Creation

Your account manager will provide you a full template of how to create the perfect FAQ. If you need any help then we will do it for you free of charge. Just let us know and we will always be accessible.

21 - No Long-Term Contracts

Welcome to our month-to-month service with no long-term commitments. Unlike our competitors we will never lock you up into long monthly or yearly contracts that don’t serve you.

22 - Privacy Policy & Data Security

Strong privacy policy in place to ensure complete privacy for your precious customer data. We never sell or pass over customer information to third parties.

23 - CRM Integration

We have the capabilities to send you customer data straight to your CRM via email and help you streamline your sales process without any extra costs or fees. It is our duty to help you convert more enquiries into sales.

24 - Social Media Integration

Upgrade to have our customer support service on your Facebook Page (inbox). You will be 100% covered on all channels including your website so that your business gets the best customer engagement out of all your competition

25 - Website Visitor Tracking

Keep track of your web traffic and chat engagements with our tracking tools and integrations. Know your numbers so you can analyze our performance and see you’re over all metrics.

26 - Unlimited Chat History

If you want to review our chat history then we can provide you 100% transparency to find and check any customer conversation via our live chat. We disclose all our chat transcripts when needed.

27 - NDA Contract

We provide you with a strong non-disclosure service agreement, so you feel safe that your customer interactions are always protected and secure with us.

28 - EU Data Center Hosting (GDPR Compliant)

Your data is safe with us. Here at chatinstead, we established strong internal policies to comply with GDPR and we use only EU Data Centers.



Use our live chat agents for 30 days, if you don’t think the service is of great benefit to your customers and to your business then you can let us know and we will simply not charge you for the month – No Questions Asked!



We install a live chat app on your website, generate sales leads and provide real time support with real humans (not bots) to your visitors.

All Businesses that have a website and want to improve their sales and support. Make real use of your online presence by having experienced and well trained agents proactively chatting with your visitors.

We talk to all visitors live before they engage and ask for your services or leave your website to look for a competitor. Based on our experience, most website visitors do not click on contact us – talk to us chat forms, because they get late responses or they find what they are looking for on your competitor’s website.

We accept all businesses except those with adult content and gambling.

When this happens, our team will immediately take the query and forward it to your team with complete visitor details. In the meantime we will update our Knowledge Library in order to be ready for next time.

After signing the agreement we gather data from your website and meet with you and your team. We will then go over the FAQ we have created to make sure we have all relevant information.

The process is really simple. We provide the code for the chat app which you can install on your own. However, in case you can’t do it, our team will install it for you.

Your website is like a physical store. If you don’t have people to welcome visitors, gather information and sell products, your conversion rate will be very low. Don’t watch your customers bounce off your website, get our live agents to introduce them to your products and services.



Pay Per Chat

We never charge you for overpriced packages and lock you up into long term contracts, instead you only pay for every time a customer engages with one of our live chat agents.

We call this the “PAY PER CHAT” model. No chat, no fee – guaranteed!

3 /per chat
  • Service Availability: 16h/7d/365
  • Working Hours: 8:00 - 23:59
  • Unlimited website traffic
  • FAQ: Up to 30 questions
979 /per month
  • Service Availability: 16h/7d/365
  • Working Hours: 8:00 - 23:59
  • Up to 30,000 website visits
  • FAQ: Up to 100 questions

Monthly Packages

For websites with mid to high traffic, we offer monthly packages to keep your cost as low as possible.

Custom Packages

If your website has more than 30,000 visits per month, contact us and get a quote.



Law Firms

Real Estate

Corporate Services

Financial Services

Auto Dealerships

Telecom & Utilities

Colleges & Universities

Hospitality Services



Import & Export

Photovoltaic Systems


Retail / eCommerce

Small Business





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    The fundamentals of good communication don’t change between generations.

    Listening, remaining concise and including all the important details are as important as they’ve ever been; the difference now is the ways of communication we choose to apply those fundamentals.

    Live chat is no longer negotiable…it’s a must.

    If you’re ready to lead the competition and level up your web presence, contact us today!