How important is live chat on any website?

Studies have proven that customers mainly opt for a live chat over other support platforms such as sending emails, social media, and even calls. Adding it to a website has benefits to both the website owner and the clients being attended to. Below are some of the top advantages.

Live chat increases sales and conversions

When you add live chat to the website, your odds of increasing sales are very high. Statistically, companies with live chats average a 20% increase in conversions. Why? When customers are going through your website, questions will arise as they browse through your products, services and offers. If you welcome them with live chat, they can directly ask questions, and you will be able to respond immediately, even before they leave the website. With such an easy way to consult, the chances are high that the customer will ask all the relevant and pressing questions, clearing the doubts and buying your products. It is like you are there with them, guiding them through your products and services.

It improves customers’ experience

This is among the main reasons why most customers like using live chat rather than other support mediums. When they use it, they are attended to promptly, and the questions are answered. Therefore, when you add live chat to a website, customers can reach you whenever they encounter a problem or when a question arises. Compare this with writing emails to the support team; they are unsure whether their issues will be responded to.

What is most likely to improve your ratings faster than a customer appreciating the immediacy of getting help? A happy and satisfied customer base will not only recommend you to others, but you will also gain their trust.

Your agents connect with customers better and develop rapport

We believe in people and communication, when you have a real agent-controlled live chat, you can offer the best possible solution and develop a great relationship with your website visitor. This process creates a healthy and friendly environment where the customers and agents easily coexist. This way, the agents will develop and establish a good relationship with the customers, which is quite necessary.

It gives you a competitive advantage

Today’s business world is all about competition. Therefore, the businesses that will do well are those that offer unique features and services that help them acquire a competitive advantage over the others. While keeping this in mind, studies and surveys have shown that only 9% of websites use live chat to interact with customers. Therefore, when you add one to yours, you will be differentiating yourself from the rest, which will prove very beneficial.


To avoid delays in responding to your customer’s questions, grow your sales leads and improve your website visitors experience, it would be best if you started using live chat as soon as possible. Customer expectations grow with every passing day; work towards meeting them.